Brockville Youth Concert 2022

We hope you were in the audience at 2:30 pm on October 15th for the BCA’s 2022 Brockville Youth Concert, presented as part of Ontario Culture Days. If not, here’s what you missed: five talented young musicians from the Brockville area brought us an hour of music in many different moods and stayed to talk about how music is part of their lives.

Youth performers after receiving flowers following performance.
Youth performers from l. to r. Matthew O’Halloran, Christopher Arzoumanian, Lucas Arzoumanian, Elisabeth Lavallee, Andreas Arzoumanian

Lucas Arzoumanian’s classical guitar performance was La Catedral by Agustin Barrios Mangor√© in three movements: Preludio, Andante Religioso and Allegro Solemne.

Christopher Arzoumanian played Consolation no. 3 by Franz Liszt on the piano.

Elisabeth Lavallee sang and played piano as she performed Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Charles Hart) and She Used to Be Mine (Waitress, the Musical by Sara Bareilles).

Andreas Arzoumanian played Rachmaninoff Prelude no. 4 Op. 23 on the piano.

Matthew O’Halloran played his own improvisation and arrangement of a jazz piano medley.

Join us next time in 2023 as we celebrate the Concert Association’s 75th anniversary. Follow us here to find out more about the fabulous array of musicians we’re planning to present for this milestone event.

Many thanks go to this concert’s major sponsor Canada Music Academy.

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